For multi-site customers, or those with remote workers, we can create and centrally manage a bespoke, private Wide Area Network (WAN) – a fast and reliable private network with internet breakout, built on top of our highly resilient MPLS core network. By utilising any of our connectivity technologies, we can meet customers’ evolving needs by providing them with a secure network foundation on which to layer converged services and cloud applications.

An MPLS IP VPN from Microcomms provides SLA-backed QoS for business critical traffic – enabling customers to prioritise the data most critical to their business.

Features include;

  • Dedicated and secure private network
  • End-to-end security
  • Advanced QoS
  • Real time network monitoring


Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a software-based routing solution that automatically distributes network traffic across multiple WAN connections based on policies you define. Our solutions monitor your WAN connections, capture near real-time performance data, and use this data to make routing decisions. For example, if a WAN connection becomes congested, our the Firebox automatically sends traffic over a different WAN connection.

SD-WAN works with different types of WAN connections, which means you can configure a hybrid WAN.

You can use SD-WAN to increase application availability and performance, and to better utilize a hybrid WAN. For example, with SD-WAN, you can:

  • Send high-priority, latency-sensitive traffic such as VoIP and video conferencing over higher-quality, more expensive WAN connections
  • Send lower-priority traffic over less expensive WAN connections
  • Specify performance thresholds so that connections fail over to a different WAN connection when performance is less than ideal

Some of our Clients

Microcomms Success Stories

“Our guests are much, much happier with their overall experience while visiting The Headland Hotel, thanks to the reliable, secure wifi access that Microcomms delivered”.

Darryl Reburn
General Manager, The Headland Hotel

“We continue to be impressed by Microcomms’ know how, expertise and professional yet down to earth and pragmatic style. Consultancy projects are well managed and I’d recommend their services to anyone.”.

Julian Holmes
IT Manager, Coodes Solicitors

“In our sporting hospitality business, customers expect great WiFi as well as fantastic golf. Microcomms have helped us meet our clients high expectations and ensure that visitors coming to Trevose have an all-round excellent experience. The team have worked really hard across all areas and we’re very happy with the service we’ve had.”.

Nick Gammon
Managing Director, Trevose Golf & Country Club

“There aren’t many Cornwall-based companies that can claim to have hands on experienced providing network connectivity to a Malaysian hut in the middle of a rainforest!”.

Nick Argent
ICT Manager, The Eden Project

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