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Microcomms Successfully Completes 12 month Project in US

Our role can vary between a simple desktop design exercise to the design and support of local and regional teams in a wider consultative design role. This usually means a comprehensive turnkey approach, irrespective of geography.

A recent example was a project in Rogers, Arkansas, a region of the US known for the Ozarks and Rednecks (a term they affectionately used for themselves) for one of our long-term clients. The project consisted of an end to end approach from concept / detailed design phases, tendering exercise to the local market, deployment, third party integration (with Indian partners) and soft landing. Bread and butter stuff for the team albeit we were in the middle of a pandemic, global chip shortage and the project was 4250 miles away!

The project required extremely tight coordination with the local design team and integration partner RDNSi (Red Neck Networking Services Incorporated). The project and coordination exercise pulled from all of the experience and skill Microcomms has at its disposal and by working in conjunction with Lockwood Project Management in Arkansas, the project was delivered on time, under budget and deemed an absolute success.

Flagship office in our hands

The site was of high importance as it represented the highest performing sales office in our clients portfolio as it was directly linked to the Walmart operation in the States. The Rogers office was a flagship project for our client and needed to represent the investment being made in the US to manage what is considered an extremely important market for their business.

Microcomms’ ability to remove the need for multi-vendor complexity ensured that the technology, IS design and needs of our client could be fulfilled in a more transparent and coordinated way, which not only provided more control for the client, but ensured a viable and risk free delivery mechanism for delivery in that there was only ‘one throat to choke.’ The project consisted of the following services:

Screenwall Installation

The most impressive part of the project was a 16 screen blended system which would be used by our client and Walmart to research markets, product placement and positioning within Walmart stores.

The project took around 12 months to deliver based on the delays brought about by the pandemic, but culminated in a visit by a three man UK team to bring the project to a conclusion. The nine days spent on site allowed us to obtain a close relationship with the client and exert the DNA of the Global Jump Team to ensure the site looked, felt and operated like any other site within our clients portfolio, with consistency being at the heart of what we set out to deliver.

Overcoming Challenges

The project did not go without its challenges. Hardware and switching architecture were a real issue – whilst suppliers provided concrete delivery times, vendors sometimes pulled products last minute leaving the team having to adapt to critical situations with little or no notice to make fundamental changes to the core design of the system.

Despite these challenges, the project was handed over in time and represented the adaptability of the Microcomms team, irrespective of geography of situation on the ground.

Result = Perfect Delivery

If you’re organisation requires any of these services, we have the team that can deliver. Give us a call on 03300 020 000 or contact us here.

Microcomms Success Stories

“It was great to have you and your team on site to install the equipment. You did a great job, both in making everything work, but also in handling a very difficult situation with sense of urgency and reassurance. I am impressed.
Your effort is highly appreciated.

, Reckitt Vienna

“Microcomms provide us with fantastic on-site and remote support. Nothing is ever too much trouble and all issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. They have provided strategic insight into improving our infrastructure as well as maintaining our provision on a daily basis, always ensuring education and pupil's best interests are at the forefront of all actions.”.

Adam Anderson
Head Teacher, Ludgvan Primary School

“Microcomms epitomizes partnership, collaboration, clarity and support. During our most recent project there were a number of challenges that we needed to overcome in order to deliver our project on time and within budget. Microcomms went above and beyond, expanded their remit and reach for their role of Project Support and Management to assist in finding the best possible solutions and possibilities to ensure our project was delivered. The service and offering was nothing shor”.

Aki Kardamilakis
Head of IT and D, Reckitt South Africa

“Aaron and his associates were wonderful to work with during all phases of opening up our new office! They were informative and took the time to explain how some of the new technology worked (in “layman’s terms”) with patience and hands on demonstrations. The team followed up with notes afterwards and was very thorough and never failed to address any questions or issues we had even after they departed. Super personable as well, they felt like family before they left! Enjoyed working with them! ”.

Jodi Lightner
Office Coordinator, Reckitt Rogers, AR

“We continue to be impressed by Microcomms’ know how, expertise and professional yet down to earth and pragmatic style. Consultancy projects are well managed and I’d recommend their services to anyone.”.

Julian Holmes
IT Manager, Coodes Solicitors

“In our sporting hospitality business, customers expect great WiFi as well as fantastic golf. Microcomms have helped us meet our clients high expectations and ensure that visitors coming to Trevose have an all-round excellent experience. The team have worked really hard across all areas and we’re very happy with the service we’ve had.”.

Nick Gammon
Managing Director, Trevose Golf & Country Club

“There aren’t many Cornwall-based companies that can claim to have hands on experienced providing network connectivity to a Malaysian hut in the middle of a rainforest!”.

Nick Argent
ICT Manager, The Eden Project

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