Are your cables CPR compliant?

February 24th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized

In July 2017 it became a legal requirement that all cables installed within residential and commercial buildings should be Construction Products Regulation (CPR) compliant.  This regulation covers many products in relation to fire performance. 

Cables are mostly made from materials derived from oil, meaning they are highly flammable.  And since cables run throughout buildings – in walls, under floors, over doorways, between rooms etc, they are a high risk in the spread of fire.    

As a result, the law requires that any individual or company involved in the design and/or installation of cabling within buildings must consider the products that they choose in relation to the potential of the spread of fire in such an event.  

At Microcomms, we are fully compliant with CRP law and if you have a new IT project coming up that requires cabling please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation.  

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