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UK mobile coverage winners revealed in study

July 28th, 2017 Posted by Voice No Comment yet
mobile_coverageThe provider of best mobile coverage in the UK is influenced by geography as well as the operator, a study suggests.

No one provider dominated, with EE coming out best in England, Vodafone the overall winner in Northern Ireland and Three in Scotland and Wales.

The study, from mobile network performance firm RootMetrics, also suggests that England has the highest amount of 4G while Wales trails behind.

Operators will bid for fresh spectrum for faster services later this year.

“These latest results have really shaken things up and show the increasing competitiveness in the UK, particularly over the last six months,” said Scott Stonham, general manager of Europe for RootMetrics.

“EE continues to lead the way, but Three and Vodafone are close behind. What is clear is that each operator showed strong performance in at least one particular country, while nobody was able to sweep the board at the four-nations level.

“UK consumers have strong mobile options depending on how and where they use their devices most,” he added.

The report assessed availability of 4G services across the UK, examining six categories, including network reliability, network speed and data performance.

  • England – EE (91%), Vodafone (83%), O2 (82%), Three (69%)
  • Northern Ireland – EE (90%), O2 (83%), Vodafone (80%), Three (61%)
  • Scotland – EE (83%), O2 (80%), Vodafone (76%), Three (59%)
  • Wales – EE (79%), Vodafone (60%), O2 (60%), Three (54%)

In the UK’s 16 largest cities, EE received the highest scores in all categories. It was also judged the UK’s overall best-performing network, go visit website to know more about the networking.

Three won the award for reliability.

Ian Fogg, an analyst at research firm IHS Markit said: “To succeed, mobile operators must balance the amount of spectrum they own with how they manage their networks.”

Merger distraction

O2, which did not win in any category may have been hampered by its planned merger with Three, which was blocked.

“It may have been a distraction which meant things like discussions around network planning were put off,” he said.

“Added to that, O2’s challenge is that it has less spectrum than some of its competitors but a large customer base.”

In response the company said: “We spend over £2 million every day improving network service and expanding coverage”, adding “different network surveys produce different results”.

Although 5G is still some years away from commercial availability, Ofcom is due to auction 3.4GHz spectrum in October, which will be used for the next generation of mobile networks.

The regulator has capped the amount of spectrum each operator can bid for. EE is not allowed to bid in the 2.3GHz category, which will be auctioned at the same time and can be used to enhance 4G.

EE currently has around 45% of the UK’s usable spectrum, following its acquisition by BT, which bid for spectrum in 2013 even though it did not have a mobile division at the time.

Further auctions of spectrum suitable for 5G are expected in 2019.

The timeframe for the auctions could be delayed because of legal challenges from Three.

Long live the Nokia brick!

February 17th, 2017 Posted by News, Voice No Comment yet

Nokia 3310, ‘the most reliable phone ever made’, to be re-launched at MWC 2017

The phone was first released in 2000 and some are still going strong.

The phone, originally released in 2000 and in many ways beginning the modern age of mobiles, will be sold as a way of getting lots of battery life in a nearly indestructible body.

The new incarnation of the old 3310 will be sold for just €59, and so likely be pitched as a reliable second phone to people who fondly remember it the first time around. It will be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month.

It’s still possible to buy the 3310 on Amazon, though only through its marketplace and not directly from the company itself. The Amazon listing describes a range of features, including a clock, calculator, the ability to store up to ten reminders and four games: Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi.

Snake was so well-loved that it’s currently available for iPhone, Android and Windows phone users to download.

That collection of features has led to it being branded as being perhaps the most resilient and long-lasting phone ever made.

Nokia struggled to bring its brand into the smartphone era and ended up being sold to Microsoft. Phones made under the Nokia brand are now sold by HMD Global, a Finnish company that bought the rights to the name. HMD will reveal other new mobiles – the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 – at the same MWC event.

Paul Ainsworth

Microcomms & Paul Ainsworth

December 14th, 2016 Posted by Case Study, hospitality No Comment yet

Described by the Michelin Guide as ‘A delightful Georgian townhouse on a harbour backwater, with a relaxed, buzzy vibe; run by a friendly, enthusiastic team. Seasonal modern cooking displays originality and the occasional playful element, and textures and flavours are bold yet refined.‘  – this is Paul Ainsworth at Number 6 in Padstow.

We are very happy to have been involved with Number 6 since it’s incarnation in 2012. The building the restaurant is housed in was being completely refurbished, unfortunately, the incumbent network company let down Paul Ainsworth’s team. Microcomms stepped in to rescue the project’s technical infrastructure – we’ve been working together ever since!

Paul Ainsworth

Padstow Townhouse


Rojano’s in the Square

Padstow is a lovely, seaside town with old Cornish buildings. Walls are never straight, Internet can be patchy and cable-crazy networks often look like they were built in the 1960’s. Microcomms are helping to bring the Paul Ainsworth group’s buildings forward in time with new state-of-the-art networking and cabling, perfect WiFi and strong telephony services. Working closely with supremo General Manager, Alex Tozer, we are updating the infrastructure across Number 6, the gorgeous Padstow Townhouse and the Italian eatery Rojanos in the Square.

We’re working closely with Alex on both customer-facing challenges and the behind-the-scenes office requirements. As well as providing great client WiFi and telephony it is also vital that the three Padstow sites are able to interact easily, share communications and operate using the same systems for continuity.

If you get the chance to visit Cornwall – don’t miss these great places to eat and stay!

Synergy from Timico

Calling all members of the team – Nuvia from GENBAND

October 26th, 2016 Posted by Subjects, Tech Talk, Uncategorized, Voice No Comment yet

We like to practise what we preach, and for months we’ve been telling our customers all about brilliant new Hosted VoIP technology. We think it’s so good we are installing it as our own Microcomms telephony system.

Nuvia from GENBAND

So, why Nuvia?

The cost and service flexibility advantages of cloud-based telephony over traditional systems are significant. Powered by leading industry provider GenbandNuvia guarantees secure and reliable telephony, enhanced with powerful multimedia collaboration features.

As Nuvia is a cloud-based solution, you don’t have the worries of a physical system on site. A monthly subscription fee replaces the maintenance and upgrade costs you would incur with a traditional system. Call costs are low, and adding capacity as your business grows is incredibly simple – with no additional hardware costs.

The benefits we love:

Nuvia from GENBAND

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Desktop Client
  • Mobile App
  • Video Calling
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Hot Desking capabilities

For our business, we are a team who are often out and about – we need to be able to stay connected on the move and be able to make and receive calls anywhere, any desk, any time. Nuvia gives us the ability to take a single number and assign it to an individual person. The number travels with them from their mobile, to their desktop, to a desk phone ensuring connectivity everywhere they go.

Microcomms recognise that every company is different – what is right for us may not be right for you. That is why all telephony solutions we recommend are tailor-made to your requirements. We aren’t affiliated to one particular provider or service, and certainly don’t try and squeeze a square peg into a round hole. We like to start with what you need and go from there, working with you all the way.

To find out more about all the telephony options available please get in touch with Hal Jenkinson, our Director of Telecom Services – 01209 843636 / 07792 661872.