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The Minack

The Minack – reaching the individual amongst the crowd

December 19th, 2016 Posted by Case Study, hospitality No Comment yet

The Minack Theatre is Cornwall’s world famous open-air theatre. Created in 1931-1932 by the Rowena Cade and her gardener Billy Rawlins, it is a thriving Cornish visitor hotspot.

Visited by thousands of tourists and locals alike every year, the Exhibition Centre tells the fascinating story of the Minack in words, pictures and film.

The Minack

The Exhibition Centre

Microcomms were approached by Theatre Manager, Phil Jackson, to help solve an audio problem inside the Exhibition Centre. The space is not huge and the exhibitions are interconnected. One of the main draws is a wonderful short film about the making of the Theatre and the life of Rowena Cade – this is played on a loop with full speaker surround sound. However, in other parts of the exhibition are other films and clips which also carry their own sound sequence.

The challenge Phil presented us with is the main film can be heard across the centre, so how to avoid a soundclash without providing headphones for the smaller clips? Our Audio Visual Director, John Darling, came up with the solution of interactive screens with tight directional sound speakers. These provide an area of perfect sound directly next to the screen. The soundtrack is only heard when standing close and doesn’t flow out into the wider exhibition space – meaning you can speak directly to the individual amongst the crowd.

School Bell Demo

Ringing the changes: Hybrid School Bell Demo

October 17th, 2016 Posted by A/V, Case Study, education, Industry Focus, Latest News, News, Subjects No Comment yet

John Darling, Microcomms Director of AV and Joslyn Bellamy, Business Development Manager had the pleasure of demonstrating a new bell system at a leading Independent School in Truro last week.

Barix Extream School Bell Utilising Barix Exstreamer technology the system is scalable, robust and exceptionally good value. Originally the School had been looking at IP speakers for their bell system, however John Darling was able to explain the pitfalls of IP technology and the benefits of the Barix system.

IP Systems versus Hybrid Systems

– IP Speakers are expensive, individual units cost £200 and each speaker has to be wired back to an amplifier.

– The technology we recommend is a hybrid system utilising 100v line standard High Impedence Speakers and the site wide networked audio distribution offered by the Barix Unit. A concurrent network is created with speakers ‘daisy-chained’ together removing the need for wiring to run from each speaker back to an amplifier.

– Standard speakers also offer a school friendly replacement price with individual units running from £20-£30, taking away the financial penalty if a child/member of staff accidently damage a speaker.

Unusual school bell

School’s Out!

– We recommend Bellcommander software which interfaces with end users through an incredibly simple Windows based calendar system which uses MP3s for sound. It comes with several standard bell sounds but can be customised to your own preference (Imagine ending term to the refrain of ‘Schools Out’ by Alice Cooper!)

– Bellcommander enables up to 200 bells a day and offers the ability to link with school PA systems and can be used for playing ambient sound as well as bells – ideal for a parent’s evening with soothing classical music being played in the background.

So….what did the client think?

The School’s Senior Management team were really impressed with the demo – praising the simple format of the user interface and the scalability of the overall network concept.

If you’d like to talk to us about School Bells or any other AV needs please do drop us a line! /