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Digital disruption for marginal gain can have a big business impact

November 8th, 2016 Posted by IT Services, News, Subjects No Comment yet

Really interesting article we’ve enjoyed reading from the Quartz News Channel:

Digital disruption is an opportunity for companies to reshape their business

Across all industries, digital disruption is no longer a hypothetical—it’s reality. Digitization is changing the way products are made, marketed, and delivered, altering consumers’ behavior and expectations in turn.

The good news is, now more than ever, business leaders, in partnership with their IT department, have the power to transform their companies by using technology to gain an advantage in the market and defend against attacks from emerging competitors. For transformation to take root, the seeds of digitization must be sown across three main areas of business operations: customer experience, products and services, and core operations.

Doing business today means meeting the expectations of tech-savvy customers—think fast transaction times and frictionless interactions facilitated by mobile check-ins, one-click sign-ups, and instant online approvals. Through digital tools like recommendation algorithms, customer service chatbots, and user profiles, digitization can help improve the customer experience  by gathering and analyzing large amounts of consumer data. In doing so, businesses can tailor their offerings at an unprecedented level and anticipate the customer’s future needs.


After customer experience comes products and services. Even the most traditional consumer products, such as watches, cars and small appliances, are being digitally enhanced.

Finally, a digital overhaul of core operations aligns the entire business around the idea of transformation, creating an environment that’s optimized for agile responses and adaptation. Many basic tasks can be automated saving time and expense. Just as digital technology improves consumer products it also improves industrial equipment. Save time, money and get better results.

Sometimes the small changes really do make big differences. Speak to Microcomms today to find out how we can help you digitize your company.