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Get relevant and engaging content in front of your audience from as little as £9 per month

August 14th, 2018 Posted by A/V, education, hospitality, IT Services, Latest News, retail

SeenSpire is a fantastic new digital product which can add value to your digital signage with an endless supply of exciting, insightful and attention-grabbing Infotainment content.

This digital signage content subscription service allows you to attract and keep viewers’ attention where they work, wait or buy.

As much as 80% of your content playlist can be automated, which means once it’s uploaded, you can get on with the business of running your business, whilst your audience’s attention is driven to your screens, where you can display relevant content.

SeenSpire is perfect for any location. Keep employees ‘in the know’ and engaged in the workplace, let potential customers know of any offers on the shop floor or provide useful information in waiting rooms.

The content platform is offered at a simple and reasonable price-per-screen model and there are two ways in which you can subscribe. Sign up to the Infotainment application and you’ll be granted access to an entire content library with over 300 content feeds ranging from news and weather, to sports,”> house cleaning and many more.

If you’re active on social media then engage your audience via the social media app which enables you to repurpose your existing social media content for your digital signage and huminaze your brands. Run competitions in real time and encourage engagement through the use of hashtags.

Or subscribe to both and cover all angles.

All content can be personalised with your company’s logo to ensure brand consistency whilst maintaining recognition and confidence with your audience.

And setting it up couldn’t be easier either.  A member of our team can show you the basics, but with it’s intuitive and simplistic drag and drop menus, you will have content uploaded and displaying in no time at all.   Or, if you prefer, we can manage your content for a reasonable monthly subscription. 

If this sounds like something your company or organisation will benefit from, then give us a call on
+44 (0) 3300 020 000 for more details or sign up for a FREE 30 day trial now. We do provide loans from knightfinance co uk for your financial needs.

Samsung launches modular TV called The Wall

January 10th, 2018 Posted by A/V, News

Samsung has announced a giant 146in (396cm) TV called The Wall at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

The TV features a micro-LED display, which is pitched as a superior alternative to OLED because it offers both deep blacks and bright highlights.

Samsung also says its modular technology will allow for TVs of customised sizes to be ordered.

This is because the display is actually composed of many smaller modules that can be arranged to form unusual dimensions – one example that was squat and super-wide was briefly shown at the presentation.

‘Millions’ of LEDs

The micro-LED display, thanks to its self-emitting LEDs, should allow for a bright picture without the need for a backlight.

Backlights normally make it hard to produce deep blacks on screen because their illumination spills beyond the pixels they are targeted at.

Sony tried to produce TVs made from the same basic technology back in 2012 but they proved too expensive to make en masse.

Samsung’s decision to bet on micro-LED puts it in direct competition with rivals that have opted to go with OLED displays. Micro-LED screens are difficult to manufacture because the LEDs need to be individually placed onto a layer by machines with the, explained analyst Paul Gray at IHS Technology. “You have millions for a single display,” he said.”But maybe Samsung has made some breakthroughs on multiple placement [at once].”

Mr Gray added that, although Samsung was pitching the technology as a “consumer” product, it would likely only appear in very expensive devices.

Samsung has not yet revealed details on pricing itself.

Samsung modular TV in an elongated rectangular formatThe modular technology allows for TVs of unusual shapes and sizes to be made, according to Samsung

Other options for giant TV displays have been shown off at CES this year.

Hisense unveiled a 150in 4K TV projector system that can beam a picture onto its owner’s wall.

The firm did not announce a price for the product, though a 100in version costs $10,000 (£7,300).

And there were TVs with improved brains, too.

Samsung promised that its next generation of smart TVs would be more intelligent than ever before, thanks to the inclusion of the firm’s voice-activated assistant Bixby.

Users can even ask Bixby to display the inside of their fridge on screen – if they have a compatible Samsung smart fridge with internal camera, visit casino and friends at freeslots central fore more info on how to play games on the wall tv.

AI assistants have cropped up several smart TV’s at CES this year, including Philips’ 7703 Series 24in Android TV, which comes perched on a Bluetooth speaker and is designed for kitchen worktops.

Sony Xperia Touch

Sony projector turns any surface into a touch screen

February 28th, 2017 Posted by A/V, News

Sony has announced that a projector that can turn any surface into a touchscreen will go on sale in the Spring.

Sony Xperia Touch

Sony Xperia Touch

The Xperia Touch, which will cost €1,599 (around £1,350), uses infrared sensors to detect finger movements and presses on a surface, allowing owners to use a table or wall as they would a smartphone or tablet touchscreen.

The projector will also have finger detection technology that lets users control the screen by waving their finger in the air and pinching their finger to select items. Like Sony’s smartphones, it runs Android and can create a display up to 80 inches from corner to corner.

Home and Business Use


Unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the device is designed to be used both for presentations and Skype calls, but also as a family hub. With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home. For example, users can simulate playing the piano when the Xperia Touch projects onto a table, or play multiplayer games. It is compatible with PlayStation 4 Remote Play and can run any app or game downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Sony Mobile says the camera operates at 60 frames per second, meaning the interface is “fast, fluid and responsive to physical touch”.

Nureva Brainstorming Tech

The future of good ideas – Nureva, brainstorming tech that works!

October 21st, 2016 Posted by A/V, Latest News, News, Subjects, Tech Talk

Most of us have had the experience of being called into a ‘brainstorming session’. You and your work mates sit about chewing the fat around a particular concept, problem or idea. Generally, results are patchy to say the least. Why is that? Surely great minds working together should produce exceptional results?

Life is simply too short for bad brainstorming.

That is why here at Microcomms we’ve teamed up with market leaders and technology veterans David Martin and Nancy Knowlton (the brains behind the SMART Board™) to bring you their latest business solution – the Nureva.

 The Nureva ensures agile thinking – and helps you overcome the pitfalls of traditional brainstorming. Tricia Whenham, from the Nureva blog suggest solutions to 5 of the most common problems :

1. Just the usual suspects

Next time you’re in a collaborative session, scan the room. If everyone looks like you, or works in the same functional area, or gets information from the same sources, you may be in trouble. Same old perspectives will just lead to same old results.

SOLUTION: If you’re trying to think differently, make sure at least one new person is present. Don’t be limited by geography – the Nureva makes your remote contributors feel like they’re in the room with you.

2. Ill-designed spaces

Many meeting spaces are designed for information consumption, not creation. If you’re gathering your team in a sterile boardroom, you may be stifling the creativity you want to cultivate.

SOLUTION: Design your meeting rooms – and ad hoc working spaces – with creativity and collaboration in mind. If you’re looking for ideas:


3. Uneven participation

At least one-third of the population are introverts, so you’re guaranteed to work with at least a few of them. Do you provide opportunities for these people to contribute  – even if it’s not verbally?

SOLUTION: Let people contribute with digital sticky notes.

4. Facilitator over-steering

Facilitators can play a key role in keeping brainstorming sessions on track. But if you place too much power in their hands, they may be skewing the results more than you (or they) think. Next time you’re in a session, pay attention to which ideas get written down fully and which don’t. Which ideas get expanded on, and which are neglected.

SOLUTION: Let everyone use the same working canvas (physical or virtual) to contribute and organize ideas. Don’t make one person the arbiter of what really counts.brainstorming-session-meeting-space.jpg

5. Session interrupted

We’ve all been there. Everyone’s warmed up, the ideas are starting to flow – and then there’s a knock on the door signaling time is up. So everyone scrambles to put an artificial end to the discussion while snapping photos of the scrawls on the board or rushing around picking up oversized pieces of paper. By the time the group gets together again, the momentum is lost.

SOLUTION: Choose a cloud-based solution, such as Span software, that lets everyone continue to generate ideas after the group work is done. With this type of solution, it’s also easier to pick things up in another space if you get booted from your meeting room early.

To find out how you could generate exciting ideas within your company please get in touch with John Darling, director of AV at Microcomms and we’ll invite you over to see our Nureva in action!

School Bell Demo

Ringing the changes: Hybrid School Bell Demo

October 17th, 2016 Posted by A/V, Case Study, education, Industry Focus, Latest News, News, Subjects

John Darling, Microcomms Director of AV and Joslyn Bellamy, Business Development Manager had the pleasure of demonstrating a new bell system at a leading Independent School in Truro last week.

Barix Extream School Bell Utilising Barix Exstreamer technology the system is scalable, robust and exceptionally good value. Originally the School had been looking at IP speakers for their bell system, however John Darling was able to explain the pitfalls of IP technology and the benefits of the Barix system.

IP Systems versus Hybrid Systems

– IP Speakers are expensive, individual units cost £200 and each speaker has to be wired back to an amplifier.

– The technology we recommend is a hybrid system utilising 100v line standard High Impedence Speakers and the site wide networked audio distribution offered by the Barix Unit. A concurrent network is created with speakers ‘daisy-chained’ together removing the need for wiring to run from each speaker back to an amplifier.

– Standard speakers also offer a school friendly replacement price with individual units running from £20-£30, taking away the financial penalty if a child/member of staff accidently damage a speaker.

Unusual school bell

School’s Out!

– We recommend Bellcommander software which interfaces with end users through an incredibly simple Windows based calendar system which uses MP3s for sound. It comes with several standard bell sounds but can be customised to your own preference (Imagine ending term to the refrain of ‘Schools Out’ by Alice Cooper!)

– Bellcommander enables up to 200 bells a day and offers the ability to link with school PA systems and can be used for playing ambient sound as well as bells – ideal for a parent’s evening with soothing classical music being played in the background.

So….what did the client think?

The School’s Senior Management team were really impressed with the demo – praising the simple format of the user interface and the scalability of the overall network concept.

If you’d like to talk to us about School Bells or any other AV needs please do drop us a line! /


May 18th, 2016 Posted by A/V

Microcomms offer a full suite of audio visual products to aid communication and collaboration including; integrated configuration and control systems, touch screen and large format displays, collaboration and sharing technologies, projection solutions, audio systems, wired and wireless connectivity and video conferences systems designed for today’s Unified Communications platforms.

Interactive Displays

February 26th, 2016 Posted by A/V

From meetings and conferences to informative displays and increased interaction, AV is a large part of any inspiring business. We can offer an integrated configuration of audio, visual, touchscreen, VR and teleconferencing all supported by a range of control systems to best suit your needs.