Have you planned how your business will adapt to a ‘new normal?’

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We think it’s fair to say that life after Covid-19 won’t return to the way we knew it before and a ‘new normal’ is dawning.   The signs are there that more businesses will remain working from home, including Twitter who has already announced that this will be the case in the wake of Coronavirus.   A recent survey by the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner also revealed that 41% of their workforce will continue to work remotely in.

But what will the ‘new normal’ look like for public-facing businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, banks, hotels, museums and educational institutes etc?  As these businesses look towards life after lockdown, they need to consider how they will manage the risk of further viral spread.   The way people go about their normal activities, such as shopping, grabbing a coffee, visiting public spaces and using public transport needs to be re-thought.

Thankfully, they can rely on innovation to help support this ‘new normal’with technology solutions by UK based HikVision which supplies temperature screening, mask detection, density control, digital displays and facial recognition terminals. 

So let’s look at each technology a little closer.

Temperature Screening
Designed to detect skin surface temperature in order to achieve rapid and safe initial screening in public places.  With different product types and applications available to suit your business’s need, temperature screening is highly efficient and offers safe, fast and smart detection.

Mask Detection
If wearing a mask is something you’ll require of the public before entering your premises, HikVision’s mask detection technology does what it says on the tin!   Advanced solutions that also include skin temperature readings are also available.

Density Control
With social distancing looking like it will be a normal part of life in the foreseeable future, this density control technology automatically counts and limits the number of people allowed on a premises at any one time.  It also includes clear signage, directing customers around a building in a way that avoids overcrowding but if ‘hot spots’ do occur where too many people are congregating in one place, the system will flag it up!

Digital Display
The HikVision digital display combines all of the above systems, making for a clear and concise solution that ensures people are entering your building on your terms, greatly reducing the risk of viral spread   This solution also incorporates digital video messaging and advertising, letting everybody know when they can enter your premises, displaying along with it specific messages in real-time.  An all-in-one solution perfect for retailers, schools, hospitals and larger office buildings.

So, if you’re planning for business life after lockdown, get in touch today for a no-obligation conversation about some of these amazing solutions.  Call us on 03300 020 000 or email john.darling@microcomms.co.uk

Stay Safe!

Are your cables CPR compliant?

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In July 2017 it became a legal requirement that all cables installed within residential and commercial buildings should be Construction Products Regulation (CPR) compliant.  This regulation covers many products in relation to fire performance. 

Cables are mostly made from materials derived from oil, meaning they are highly flammable.  And since cables run throughout buildings – in walls, under floors, over doorways, between rooms etc, they are a high risk in the spread of fire.    

As a result, the law requires that any individual or company involved in the design and/or installation of cabling within buildings must consider the products that they choose in relation to the potential of the spread of fire in such an event.  

At Microcomms, we are fully compliant with CRP law and if you have a new IT project coming up that requires cabling please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation.  

Call us today on 03300 020 000. 

Are you ready for the big ISDN switch off?

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In 2015 BT announced that ISDN networks for businesses will be switched off.  The phase-out starts from next year, with completion expected to be by 2025.  Are you ready for it? 

Why Is It Being Phased Out? 
ISDN was the fastest internet access available at one time and it was the primary connection source of communication amongst UK businesses.  However, the advancement of hallon technology has meant that it just can’t keep up with other internet access connections such as DSL and WAN in a cost-effective way so it’s now outdated! 

What does this mean for my business? 
The ISDN phase-out means you really must consider the set up you use to communicate both internally and externally.   This is as an opportunity for you to look at every area of your business and how it can be improved For more information visit us at http://viagraonlinensa.com/ .  

What is the alternative? 
We will replace old ISDN lines with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems. If you’ve ever used Skype, Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp to speak to family, friends or colleagues, then you’ve used a VOIP system. 

The benefits of VOIP are significant. It is much more flexible, great for disaster recovery and back up as you can access the number wherever you have internet access (as opposed to it just being on one site). VOIP systems are more feature rich, are great for multisite businesses as it means you can have a telephone number presence in a geographic location without having to have an office there, plus here are many more benefits.   

What’s next? 
There’s five years to complete the phase out so why should you be thinking about this now? Being prepared early, means giving your business the best opportunity to implement an effective solution.   You don’t want to be in a position of not knowing how you’ll continue communications internally and externally when the switch off is imminent.  Explore your opportunities now by ordering a full review of your communications solutions and making a plan of action for a seamless switch over.  The last thing you want is for this to affect your business. 

Let us help you! 
To find out how we can help review, design, deliver and support you through this huge change, get in touch with us today on 0300 020 000 






Microsoft is Ending Support for Windows 7

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If you’re working on a PC with a Windows 7 operating system at home or at work, you need to pay close attention! 

After January 14th 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security and quality updates or support for PC users of Windows 7.  Whilst your PC will still work, you will become vulnerable to security risks such as malicious hackers stealing data or planting viruses.  There will be no more technical support from Microsoft either.  

What does this mean for your business? 
Not doing anything is not an option if you want to keep your business information safe.  The most obvious and natural next-step is to upgrade to Windows 10.  This is an easy and hassle-free upgrade which we can help you with and ideally should be done before the support end deadline, mgcm エロ動画, so you are not left open to cyberattacks.   

So, what’s next? 
If you’re business is running on Windows 7, then get in touch with us for a no obligation chat.   There are minimum PC requirements for upgrading to Windows 10 which we can talk you through and if your current PC doesn’t meet these requirements then you will have to consider a PC upgrade as well.   

The support end deadline is looming so get in touch with us on 03300 020 000 or email sales@microcomms.co.uk

Is your business prepared for extreme weather?

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The UK is in the midst of a heatwave right now and  yesterday (25th July 2019), temperatures reached highs  of 38.1 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country.

Water pipes are bursting and trains are running slower for fear of tracks buckling, causing disruption to thousands of passengers. Visit this site https://maciej-kozlowski.pl /     

But have you thought about the disruptions the weather can have on your IT systems with the help of http://Ruleofpoker.net? 

And it’s not only the hot weather that we need to think about either.  Storms are set to follow the heatwave, and if your IT systems aren’t adequately equipped to deal with these extreme weather conditions, you could find yourself in trouble.    

We’ve put together a checklist of precautions to take to ensure minimal downtime for your business Personal Loans UK  

Make sure your servers are in tip top condition so they don’t overheat 

  • Keep them clean and dusted out.  If this is something that you don’t currently do, contact us as we can help! 
  • A tidy cab is a happy cab (e.g. using the server room, cabinet to store paper work etc can insulate a server causing a fire risk). 
  • Make sure your servers are not over loaded.  This will ensure they are running at optimum speed, reducing heat production. 
  • Planned power distribution will also help with a reduction in heat, and reduces the risk of fire or electrical overloading. 

Are your servers protected against a lightning strike? 

  • Lightning strikes to your phone lines can travel into your network if they’re not protected. 
  • Lightning strikes on power lines can travel into your sockets and into your systems if not protected. 

Could you ride a power outage? 

  • Make sure you are battery-backed up via UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). 
  • Provide constant power to critical systems 

Would you lose business if your internet was interrupted? 

  • Consider a backup internet such as a secondary 4G device. 
  • Upgrade to fibre to the premise if available.  Lightning cannot travel down fibre lines. 

Protect your information by backing up your servers 

  • If the worst happens, you should ensure you have multiple backup locations and types. 
  • A backup and restoration plan would also assist in an emergency. 

Is your server room temperature controlled? 

  • If appropriate, an air-conditioned room will allow full temperature control. 
  • Server room monitoring, such as temperature monitoring can also alert you if the temperature does start to rise. 

Maintain your server to ensure prime operation 

  • Keeping your server up to date with the latest firmware can help with internal cooling control. 
  • A regular ‘eyeball’ check will ensure no flashing red lights or other issues that may cause down-time. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above, just give us a call on 03300 020 000  

Get involved in World Environment Day on 5th June

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With a Green Team now in place at Microcomms, we’re making every effort to make changes, big and small,towards reducing our impact on the environment. 

Wednesday 5th June is World Environment Day and the theme this year is focused on air pollution.  Apart from the obvious health risks, air pollution damages our natural environment and decreases the oxygen in our oceans.   We all have a role to play strictlygirlz to keep our air clean and we wanted to share some ways in which you can make changes in your personal and work life,  contributing to a more healthy living environment.


  • Open the window when cooking or using cleaning products.  Good ventilation is the key to avoiding air pollution in the home.  It also helps to avoid the build up of air polluting moulds. 
  • Regularly service your boiler, not only for your own safety, but also to ensure it’s working efficiently, emitting less fumes into the environment. 
  • Think about how you do your cleaning – keep dust levels low, use fragrance-free or naturally scented products.  If you can, switch to mild cleaning products and avoid aerosols.  Mop hard floors regularly to pick up dust and pollutants that vacuuming and dusting might miss.  Even better, steam clean floors to kill bacteria and allergens. 
  • Use environmentally safe paints and cleaning products whenever possible.
  • Consume less energy.  Gas and electricity contribute to air pollution – gas creates fumes when we burn it to heat our homes and electricity produced by power stations burning fossil fuels has the same result.   There are lots of things we can do to conserve energy (lowering our bills too!), such as switching off lights, turning off computers (rather than putting then to sleep), filling the kettle with just enough water for what you need and only run the washing machine and dishwasher when there is a full load.   It’s simply being more conscious about how you do things around the house.  
  • Consider switching energy suppliers.  Choose renewable energy tariffs for your home supply to reduce the pollution produced by power stations.
  • Recycle compostables.  Rather than burning garden waste, which releases gases into the atmosphere, compost them and turn them into food for your garden.  
  • Wood- burning stoves look great and they’re cost, but burning wood produces lots of air pollutants.  To reduce this, consider a Defra – approved stove, use authorised fuel and only light when you really have to.  
  • Eating a healthy diet reduces the risk of developing health problems that can be made worse by air pollution. 


  • Walk or cycle when possible.  Did you know drivers can be exposed to more air pollution than pedestrians or cyclists?  As well as cutting down the amount of pollution we make, we can reduce our exposure to air pollution and get some exercise too! 
  • Use quieter streets when walking or cycling as it can lower exposure to air pollution by 20%
  • Switch off vehicle engines when stationary (if safe to do so).  This will make the air cleaner for you, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • Regularly service vehicles which not only ensures that they are safe to drive, but also helps them run more efficiently and cleanly.
  • Ensure car tyres are inflated properly.  This means vehicles run more efficiently and use less fuel.  
  • Driving more slowly reduces emissions. 
  • When fuelling vehicles, be careful not to spill any fuel and tighten the fuel cap securely.
  • Hot temperatures and fumes create ground-level onzone – reduce the effect and refuel early in the morning or when cooler, where possible.  
  • Think about travel miles for personal deliveries.  Consider using a pick up point rather than having couriers make special trips to your office or home. 
  • Going abroad?   Research the most carbon efficient airlines using the Atmosfere website which profiles 200 of the world’s top airlines for carbon efficiency and lists carbon friendly tour operators, travel agents and offers top tips on how to travel with a climate-friendly conscience.    For instance, be realistic about how often you need your room serviced.    Changing towels and bed linen is not something we do at home everyday, so why would we do it on holiday?  Just think of all the extra water, electricity and detergents that are used unnecessarily!  It’s easy to get involved in World Environment Day. 

Simply make a commitment to making a change, however big or small, that will positively impact the environment!  Take a photo or make a short film of yourself fulfilling your commitment and post it on social media using hashtags #WorldEnvironmentDay #BeatAirPollution and tag UNEnvironment. 

Together we can beat air pollution!

Meet the team: Emma Noy

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Meet the Team: Janet Reed

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Microcomms Offers New Data Sanitization Service

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Shocking research shows high level of data remaining on used hard drives for sale
Recent research conducted by The Marketing Heaven, revealed that 42% of used drives sold on eBay were holding sensitive data and 15% contained personally identifiable information (PII).
What’s even more shocking is that the type of information found included high level government information ( scanned images of passports, birth certificates, CVs and financial records), university papers with associated student email addresses, internal office emails from a major travel company, freight company data including shipping details, schedules and truck registrations, school information (student names, photos and grades) and a high volume of photos plus other information from a music store. Check out adl-usa.com.

As this research highlights, ensuring sensitive and personal data is adequately wiped from any hard drives that are no longer in use by your organisation is imperative, especially if they are going to be sold on, and here at Microcomms, we have launched a new service that will do just that. Check ilimoww.com.

Ensuring adequate data erasure is crucial for organisations in order to avoid the recovery of sensitive and personal information in the wrong hands.

Microcomms partners with global recovery agency to sanitise hardware 
A new partnership with a global asset recovery agency, means we can provide a service that ensures the secure erasure of your data. 

The key benefits of this new service include: 

  • Arranging worldwide collection, dismantling and packing of your hardware
  • Live, round the clock tracking so you know where your data is
  • Erasure of any hard drives using industry standard**
  • Buy-back scheme gives you cash-back for any hardware with a resale value

Get in touch 
If you have redundant IT equipment in need of proper data sanitization, give us a call for further information 03300 020 000. 

*To read the full research article click here 

**Blancco is certified for data destruction by over 18 governing bodies including NATO, ADISA and the National Cyder Security Centre (British Government) 


Meet the Team: Paul Hodgson

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