Art deco lido with swimmingly good WiFi!

 Client: Jubilee Pool    Category: Guest WiFi    Tools Used: Mojo Outdoor Access Point

One of Europe’s few remaining seawater lidos, Jubilee Pool is a historic gem at the heart of Penzance town’s community.

The pool was designed in the early 1930s by Captain F Latham, the Borough Engineer and was opened with great celebration in May 1935, the year of King George V’s Silver Jubilee.

Cleverly designed to cope with the full ferocity of the Cornish seas, The pool is triangular in shape yet with gentle curves, making it a most pleasant environment. It has stood the test of time until the freak winter storms of 2014, when the waves breached the walls and twisted railings, and demolished changing rooms and terraces, while exposing the granite that lay beneath the pool.

The community and local government rallied around the cherished bathing spot and government finance for the £2.94m in essential restoration work came via the Coastal Communities Fund, as well as a mix of local government bodies and groups. In 2016 the pool re-opened and the 2017 season has seen governance pass to a local Community Benefit Society established by the Friends of Jubilee Pool.

Many Microcomms employees have grown-up spending Summers at the pool and it is held particularly dear by our MD Simon Murley. As a Penzance advocate he wanted to support the Friends of Jubilee Pool and local community by providing a free Guest WiFi service.

This hasn’t been done before at Jubilee, and it opens up the opportunity to sit by the pool and browse at leisure. It also provides an excellent record of visitors and offers the chance to build up a loyalty scheme for repeat customers.

The project has proven to be a big success and we have happy clients both poolside and in the water.

“We were keen to ensure that all visitors to Jubilee Pool could benefit from free wifi connection; Microcomms proved to be a very capable partner, providing both excellent customer service and ensuring that the installation went smoothly. 

The net benefits are clear, not only in terms of increased footfall in the café, but also in terms of customer satisfaction and social media activity, with visitors sharing photos of the pool to friends and family.”

Martin Nixon, Chair of The Friends of Jubilee Pool.