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 Client: Healey’s Cyder Farm          Category: Audio Visual

Healey’s Cyder Farm is nestled deep in the heart of the Cornish countryside. For 25 years the company has made the most of its orchards mixing apples with imagination to create some high quality food and drink brands that are sold nationwide.

The family-run company has a passion for pressing fruit, a farmhouse passed through generations, a team that grew up under the trees but today, the company blends the old and new to ensure success. Healey”s is both forward thinking and innovative. Both in the methods they use in manufacture, and the experience they want to provide to visitors on site at the Cornish attraction.

The company, recently invested in a newly constructed visitor centre near the City of Truro in Cornwall and brought in Microcomms to help with technology and audio visual design. Providing an impressive and informative customer journey throughout the centre was at the forefront of the design objective.

In order to provide both a stimulating experience, they needed technology and audio visual systems that provided easily manageable but effective visual and audio content. As the staff had a range of experience levels when it came to technical equipment, the solution needed to be have a user friendly interface and operating system that allowed any member of the team the whole centres system to be trained to adapt to any situation.

As you walk through the visitor centre, Sonos systems provide the behind the scenes team with a simple and effective method of controlling creative audio spaces. Each area can operate independently or when required, linked to create a holistic experience for visitors. The system is managed via a touch screen controller which also allows the centre staff to stream centrally-located video content to a number of display screens and projectors. The system can easily grow as the centre evolves and was based around centrally stored content, both audio and video, which can be easily accessed by staff, regardless of their experience of AV systems.